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Attorney-at-law Michał Sochański
Adequate to the loss
It is my success to obtain compensation for you which is adequate to the loss and the wire transfer made by your insurer to your bank account.

Do not give up!
Your insurer underestimated the amount of your compensation?
You are an accident victim. Your house has been destroyed. An authority made a decision unfavourable for you on the basis of an incorrect interpretation of the legislation. A person close to you passed away.

Get reassured and fight for what you deserve
…You are often unaware that you deserve more
…life often writes unpleasant scenarios that make you follow your emotions and you feel vulnerable. That is understandable. When your insurer underestimates your compensation, it is worth fighting for what you deserve even if the circumstances are against you.
Effective claiming of compensation
Attorney-at-law Michał Sochański
You are only responsible for the decision. Analysis of documents, negotiations, execution of the provisions of a contract and claiming compensation are my responsibilities.
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Compensation Office Kielce

Compensation for personal losses

Legal advice and claiming compensation

  • Post-accident compensation
  • Job-related accident compensation
  • Compensation for an accident abroad
  • Reimbursement of medical treatment expenses
  • Compensation for medical errors
  • Compensation for the death of a close person (compensation for life insurance)
  • Traffic compensations
  • Compensation arising from wrong decisions of state authorities and institutions
  • Compensation for a theft
  • Building compensation
  • Compensation for professional liability e.g. real estate administrator, real estate expert or architect

Claiming compensation Kielce step by step.

Check the way in which I will address your case
Individual Meeting
No hidden costs

In a meeting, I will suggest specific actions and a final price for a service.

Analysis of a case and a contract
Compensation claims

I will perform an in-depth analysis of the case and of the agreement with an insurer and I will develop compensation claims adequate to the loss.

With an insurer

I will handle the negotiations on your behalf and I will select (in agreement with you) the best path for acquiring adequate compensation.

Conciliation or a trial
I will handle all the formal aspects.

I will carry out the actions and I will handle any and all formalities or I will represent your interests in court litigation.

Get your compensation

Adequate to your loss.

You are solely in charge of the decisions – I will be responsible for the rest.

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