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You have a right to effective defence — take the best advantage of it.
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Legal professional privilege
All that you tell us will be used for your best interest. When selecting my legal services, You can be certain about top ethical and legal professional privilege standards.
Criminal Cases
Professional assistance
As an attorney-at-law specialising in criminal cases, I work in Kielce and I provide legal professional assistance throughout the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.
Total commitment
Support and actions
Your future is at stake, so I immediately ensure my total involvement in your case at every stage of the proceedings, support and actions that exhaust all legal options.

Comprehensive legal assistance in criminal cases

I ensure professional defence

As a lawyer and experienced defence attorney, I offer assistance in case of all offences provided for in the criminal code.

I specialize in three areas

You have a right to effective defence
Offences against life and health
Offences such as:
  • Heavy, moderate or light injury
  • Fights
  • Assaults
  • Infringement of personal integrity
Drug-related offences
Offences such as:
  • Drug trading
  • Possession of drugs
  • Production of drugs
  • Drug trafficking
Offences against road traffic safety
Offences such as:
  • Causing a traffic accident
  • Pedestrian injury crash
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Comprehensive legal assistance in criminal cases

I ensure professional defence

in all types of criminal proceedings, including:

  • In the preparatory proceedings handled by the prosecutor’s office, police and other authorities
  • In judicial criminal or tax offence proceedings
  • In appeal, complaint or cassation proceedings
  • In proceedings for the reopening of the
  • In enforcement proceedings in cases from the applications for the postponement of enforcement of punishment, a pause in enforcement of punishment, early, contingent release, for the ruling enforcement of a suspended punishment of deprivation of liberty;
  • Preparation of any and all procedural documents, appeal measures, appeals, complaints and cassations.
Security and empathy

Criminal cases involve emotions and stress and, therefore, you can rely on support, a benevolent environment and empathy in my law office in the centre of Kielce.

Defence in Criminal Cases

Do you know that…

As a lawyer, I am entitled to a number of powers, including:

  • A right to participate in any and all action in which you may participate as a defendant
  • A right to submit any and all applications (e.g. for a waiver from interim arrest, a change in the applied preventive measures and evidence motions)
  • A right to contact you if you are in pre-trial detention or in prison.

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