Debt Collection for Companies – Kielce

From negotiations until the completion of debt collection proceedings.
Urgent and effective proceedings are important to me.

Collection of Debts

Overdue invoices, void promises, no response to subsequent reminders to pay and finally total lack of contact…

…this is the scenario starring a dishonest counterparty. At the same time, the lack of payment may mean downtime, loss of financial liquidity or even bankruptcy for your company, not to mention the waste of time and emotion accompanying futile attempts to collect your debts.

Effective Debt Collection Kielce

When valuable time counts

When selecting my services, you may be sure that I will use any and all possibilities and legal measures, from the letter up to the conclusion of debt collection procedures.
All of these just to carry out possibly fast, but first of all, effective debt collection.

Debt Collection Letters

Let’s start with a reminder to pay
Sometimes an official letter suffices to convince an unreliable counterparty to make a payment.
Fear of legal follow-ups is often a sufficient disciplinary argument.


Amicable solution

If the letter does not bring about the desired effects, I will do my best to convince the unreliable counterparty to make the due payments.
In the course of mediation, I will present the options acceptable for your company in terms of payments.

Court case


If the mediation does not bring the desired effects, I will prepare the relevant documentation and bring the case to court.
During the litigation, I will represent the interests of your company doing my best to ensure successful and possibly fact completion.

Debt Collection Enforcement

Consultancy and Assistance
You are only responsible for the decision. I will be in charge of the analysis of the documents, negotiations, exercising provisions of the agreement and claiming compensation/damages.

Commission on Success

In numerous cases, the remuneration for a legal service is charged to the debtor of your company.

Collection of a Company’s Debts Kielce

Catalogue of Services

Collection of debts arising from:

  • Invoices for services and deliveries
  • Loan Agreements
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Sales Contracts
  • Failure to perform a contract/agreements, advance payments, contractual penalties

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