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What are your benefits?


We will take care of you and your children if they are involved in the divorce.


We will fight for you until the end.


From the farewell to the difficult past.

Divorce is the end of a marriage, but it is certainly not the end of the world.

Although a breakup always means changes in your current life, you must do everything to make these changes for the better. From the issue of blame for the breakdown of the marriage, through child custody and alimony, to the division of property – it is worth considering engaging an experienced attorney who will provide support and representation. Remember, when you close the door, the fate opens a window.

How can we help you in this?


We will listen to you from A to Z. You will tell us about your marriage and expectations, and we will provide answers to every question. Fault divorce? Parental authority? Support? Or maybe the division of property in a divorce case? We will discuss the assumptions and do everything to make them a fact.

The petition

We will turn the findings into a lawsuit and file it in court on your behalf. We won’t forget about any evidence. We will secure your contacts with children and alimony payments. We will act fast, but not hastily.

Representation in court

We will be there with you during every hearing. We will provide legal and emotional support. We will hear witnesses, respond to the other side’s allegations, and file appeals against unfavorable court decisions.


If possible, we will help you develop a common position through mediation – before or during the divorce case. We will streamline and speed up the breakup process. If we reach an agreement, it will only be on your terms.

What does a divorce case involve?

The purpose of divorce proceedings is not only to dissolve the marriage and possibly decide which of the spouses is to blame for its breakdown.

As part of a divorce case, spouses may also fight for maintenance for themselves (regardless of the fight for the child support). If you have a minor child or children from a marriage, the divorce court will also determine the issues of parental authority over these children, regulate contact with them and pay the due support.

The court will also establish the rules for the use of the shared apartment for the time the spouses live there after the divorce. If the spouses reach an agreement, a quick division of their joint marital property is also possible as part of a divorce case.

How much time does a divorce case take?

The question that everyone who is considering or is in the process of getting a divorce asks themselves is: how long does a divorce case take?Unfortunately, there is no rule in this case – the duration of a divorce case depends on many factors, such as the number of cases in a given court and the complexity of the case.

Unfortunately, there is no rule in this case – the duration of a divorce case depends on many factors, such as the number of cases in a given court and the complexity of the case.

The more fighting, the longer the divorce. Determining the issue of fault in the breakdown of a marriage or a dispute over the rights to children always lengthen the proceedings.

A small number of dispute points allows you to end the whole divorce, already at the first trial. In the best case scenario, you can have the divorce behind you in two or three months from filing a petition. In the worst case this will take two to three years. If you want a quick divorce or are in no rush to get one at all, an experienced divorce attorney will know what to do.

How to divorce quickly?

There is only one answer to the question about how to get a divorce quickly – only in agreement.

Many spouses come to the conclusion that a divorce is necessary. In such cases, the entire process is usually completed quickly and efficiently. A divorce lawyer can help you prepare an agreement that will comprehensively regulate all issues related to the divorce as well as the possible division of property. In such a case, a court hearing is a short formality. If an agreement is reached, the divorce petition shall indicate the will to amicably dissolve the marriage and attach an appropriately written settlement agreement.

If you want to get a divorce quickly, this solution is for you. Let an experienced attorney take care of all the formalities and open the way to a new life for you.

How much does a divorce cost?

Another of the few basic questions in a divorce case concerns its costs. How much does a divorce cost?

The court fee for a divorce petition is PLN 600. If the divorce does not cover the decision on wine, after the case, the court returns PLN 300, from PLN 600 paid, and at the same time orders the defendant to refund – to the plaintiff, the amount of PLN 150.

In the event of a finding of guilt, the costs of the proceedings are borne by the party found guilty.

If you have any doubts about what expenses to prepare for, contact us and find out the costs of your divorce!


If the case involves a fight for the rights to children, it may be necessary for the court to seek the opinion of experts (as to whether divorce is consistent with the children’s best interests and what parental authority and contacts between parents and children after divorce should look like). The costs of such opinions usually do not exceed PLN 2,000 – 3,000 and are divided between both parties to the proceedings.

In the event of mutual consent of the spouses to the division of property as part of a divorce case, an additional amount of PLN 300 should be added to the court fee of PLN 600 as a fee for a unanimous application for division of property.

How much does a lawyer cost in a divorce case?

If you use a divorce lawyer, you will also need to pay his fee. How much does a lawyer cost in a divorce case?

The remuneration of a divorce lawyer depends on the amount of his/her work. The more points of contention, the more work. However, it can be assumed that the lawyer’s fee in a divorce case in Kielce starts from about PLN 4,000. The upper limit of remuneration is not specified, and due to the length of some proceedings, it may reach over ten thousand PLN. Higher remuneration is also due when the spouses’ property is divided as part of a divorce case.

The salary of a divorce lawyer should not be a secret. Contact us and find out how much your divorce will cost.

Divorce – what documents to prepare?

  • If you want to get a divorce, you must always prepare a shortened copy of the marriage certificate.
  • If you have a minor child or children from a marriage, you must also prepare copies of their abbreviated birth certificates. You can obtain these documents at any Civil Registry Office.
  • If you want to fight for the guilt of your husband or wife in the breakdown of marital life, you must always present evidence that will confirm this guilt. Such evidence may be witness statements, recordings, messages, photos or recently trendy detective reports.
  • If you have a minor child or children born out of marriage, also prepare a monthly breakdown of the expenses incurred for these children. It would be ideal to document these expenses – with personal bills, invoices or appropriate contracts.

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