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There is no second place in the race for a fair verdict. Call us and let’s arrange a meeting where we will analyze your problem and find the best solution.


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Karol Olejarz

Kielce needs quality, and the office of Mr. Michał perfectly meets the need. Excellent contact, thorough explanation of the next steps of the proceedings. The knowledge of the attorney and of the invaluable Mrs. Magdalena is at the highest level!

Marlena Helman

An irreplaceable, responsible and good lawyer. But he is not just a lawyer; he is simply a person who always offers help and good advice. There is no other like him in the race for justice


A top class lawyer – fast and efficient. A highly competent person, highly recommended.

Kasia Skrzypek

The best lawyer in Kielce! Full professionalism and involvement! Recommended!

Łukasz Korona

This is how it should have always been. Full professionalism, quick response to e-mails and phones. A very efficient service. I can’t recommend him enough.

Marcelina Pałka

A great team, arranging things quickly and above all well. Wholeheartedly recommended!

Chris Krecikij

Attorney Sochański definitely differs from other attorneys in his level of knowledge and commitment. This was noticeable at every stage of the case he handled, so its positive ending was did not come as a surprise. Cooperation with attorney Sochański gave me peace of mind and compensation that I did not expect myself. He definitely occupies the first place in terms of quality of services provided.

Easy communication
Simple settlements
Full discretion

Legal education obtained at the best universities in the country and abroad

Our specialties

A lawyer good in everything is good in nothing. We only deal with selected branches of law to provide the best solutions to your problem. Make an appointment and find out how we can help you.

Our specialties

Criminal cases

  • You have committed a crime?
  • Someone committed a crime against you?
  • Mediation? Or perhaps defense in court?

Claiming compensation

  • A traffic accident? Or maybe medical malpractice?
  • Understated compensation?
  • Negligence in claim settlement?

Legal services for companies

  • Company law?
  • Handling of legal and labor aspects?
  • Litigation proceedings?

Efficient debt collection

  • Empty promises?
  • Lost contact?
  • No money and risk of loss of financial liquidity?

Our work model

Call us and arrange a meeting
Interview and document analysis
Action plan

Discover the advantages of good partnership


We value your time

  • We will discuss your matters in detail at the very first meeting at the law office in the center of Kielce.
  • I will consider all possibilities, analyze documents and take action to effectively defend your interests.

Discretion and trust

  • I will provide you with a sense of security, full discretion and maximum comfort of cooperation.

Easy and simple settlements

  • Together, we set one amount of remuneration to make it clear what you pay for.
  • No surprises and hidden fees. You decide on settlement dates.

Friendly communication

  • My phone is always on. I work when you need me.
  • I will speak to you in friendly manner and turn every question into a comprehensive answer.
  • The professional service system of our legal office provides you with constant insight into your documents and the status of your case.

Whole office at our service

  • Your case will be analyzed and handled by a team of lawyers working under my direct supervision.
  • This work model guarantees that we make use of all legal possibilities.

Everyone is equal before the law. Effective lawyer makes the difference

There is no second place in the race for a fair verdict.


Some of our statistics

15 years
of Experience
of Completed cases
PLN 10 million
in recovered compensation

Our work area

Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship

About 75% of our clients come from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and this is where we conduct most of the cases. Very often, however, the personal affairs and interests of our clients go much further.

  • Końskie County
  • Włoszczowa County
  • Jędrzejów County
  • Pińczów County
  • Kazimierza County
  • Busko County
  • Staszów County
  • Sandomierz County
  • Opatów County
  • Ostrowiec County
  • Starachowice County
  • Skarżysko County
  • The City of Kielce
  • Kielce County

European countries

We also provide service in English. We have experience in proceedings in cases that go far beyond the borders of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland and even the European Union.

Check out our A-Z guides

Everything you need to know about any topic. Years of experience distilled into easy to understand legal guides.

Production, provision, trade and trafficking of drugs – what are the consequences?

Conditional discontinuation of criminal proceedings

Possession and using drugs – what are the consequences?

Production, provision, trade and trafficking of drugs – what are the consequences?

Conditional discontinuation of criminal proceedings

Possession and using drugs – what are the consequences?

Office in the centre of Kielce

You are cordially invited to contact me and meet me in person to discuss the possibilities and optimal legal solutions.

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